Hebba G. - Weight Loss Program (lost 40lbs)

 "After having struggled with my weight for my whole life, I felt like I had tried and failed at every diet out there. The weight would either stay put or come right back as soon as I was finished. Given this history, I was a little bit skeptical when my mom initially recommended this program so I agreed to one round of blood testing and 8 weeks of treatment. Five months later, I’m still going strong! I’ve lost a little more than 40 pounds, replaced my size 12 jeans with size 2, and learned a ton about health and wellness. I love that I’m learning about the science behind weight loss and the reasoning behind the changes I make. Dayna was so helpful in personalizing the plan for my body and activity level, supporting me, and patiently answering all of my questions (seriously, I had so many questions) that a new lifestyle became effective and sustainable. Even for the latter three months of my weight loss journey, when I was halfway across the country at college and surrounded by junk food, Dayna still went out of her way to make herself a resource to me and help me stay on track. So grateful for this experience! " 

Thea N. - Weight Loss Program (lost 50lbs)

 "I don’t know where to start other then saying thank you for giving me the tool to lose weight and improve my health forever. I came to the practice weighing 246 lb. and in less then 14 weeks, I’m now down 50 lb. My whole life is changed for the better and I am so excited to have found the team at Scarsdale Integrative Medicine. Dayna, Dr. Lee and the entire staff are so supportive. My weekly check ins with Dayna have proven to be a time I look forward to for advice, education and problem solving strategies throughout this journey. I look forward to continuing my path to health." 

Scott L. - Optimal Fitness (lost 60lbs)

Optimal Fitness Program, combining Nutrition and Exercise to reach your goals!

"The Optimal Fitness program is unique and was made personally for me. Dayna and Chris’s expertise has given me the tools to transform not only my body but my entire life!

Dayna Arena has a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes, when I first came to her I had made several attempts to lose weight with no light at the end of the tunnel. Her comprehensive approach combined with an in-depth personalized assessment makes her a fantastic practitioner. She firmly believes in using the highest quality of nutritional supplements available combined with disciplined eating which is what I needed to achieve and maintain my personal health goals. I am grateful that Dayna has helped me weekly to obtain a healthier overall weight. When I first met her in February, I was at 240 lbs and currently through her weight loss plan and nutritional guidance I weigh 180 lbs 6 months later. I have been able to maintain my current weight for the past several months through her continued efforts. Thanks to Dayna’s continuous caring and influential guidance I feel better today than I have ever felt!

Chris Petraglia is an outstanding master of his craft. He's incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge, an expert in weight training, running and body exercise workouts. He is the real deal in the industry and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured. Chris started our training session at a slower pace allowing me to build to more advanced training, never over working one set of muscles. The work out programs were also available to me through his own personal app allowing me to work out at home. He is also very responsive when I have had any questions or concerns about certain exercises. Thanks to Chris’ help and guidance I have far exceeded the goals in which I have set for myself while looking forward to seeing how much more I can achieve with his continued training!"

Alex M. - Weight Loss Program (lost 40lbs)

"Before: I weighed 244lb with a body fat percentage of approximately 28%.

After: I weigh 203lbs with a body fat percentage of 10.1. Most of that weight having been lost in months 1-4.

I had Type 2 Diabetes that required me to inject insulin once in the morning, once at night and before every meal for a total of close to 300 units. My A1c was 10.1 or high end of diabetic range.

My Type 2 Diabetes is completely in remission and I no longer need to take any medication or insulin for it. My A1c is now 5.8 at the lowest end of pre-diabetic range.

While athletic in high school, after that, I had never worked out for more than a week straight in my life.

I now enjoy working out 5 days a week. It's a great source of relaxation, stress relief and personal time. I actually get a little cranky if I have to miss a workout!

I had tried 3 or 4 diets in the past, lost weight and then immediately put it back on.

I don't view  the program Dayna worked out for me as a diet. It is a "lifestyle change" (and yes...I am that typical guy that used to cringe when I heard that term!) that I have incorporated fully into my life, whether I am at work, at home, at a party or out to dinner...Its a new way of looking at food that I found works.

In spite of ignoring it, I used to be very unhappy with the way my body looked figuring "oh well, I'm coming up on 50, nothing much to be done about  it now".

I'm now very  happy with how my body looks and have great goals for beach season 2018 that are going to blow my friends and family away when I reach them...we are talking visible abs here! I felt fun down, tired, achy and generally grouchy all the time.

I feel amazing. Energy levels are up, and my general sense of how my body is functioning feels tangibly better. Like a 49 year old car that just had its first oil change ever!!

I was the stereotypical 49 year old guy who prioritized work, worked too hard, ignored what my body was telling me and made excuses to rationalize my poor health habits. With Dayna's help my life has turned around, everyone who knows me is completely blown away with what I have accomplished. Functionally I am now 5 years younger than my timeline age and I owe it all to two things; my hard work, and Dayna's knowledge, patience and resources. Thank you Dayna, we have changed my life in ways I never even thought would be possible."

Kevin H. - Weight Loss Program (lost 26lbs)

"I came to Scarsdale Integrative Medicine (SIM) looking to take on a series of health issues that I have been battling unsuccessfully for years. I did not know what to expect seeing that I found out them by doing a google search for holistic health in Westchester County. I was initially set up to do a complimentary consult with Ms Dayna Arena who is the Director of the Wellness & Weight Loss.   

We reviewed my medical problems and was told that if I lost some weight and followed other suggestions that I would have a good chance to overcome some of my problems.   

I signed up for the medical weight loss program. Since that day I have lost 26 pounds and counting. Dayna has been very instrumental in my success in the program because of her caring, nurturing, and supportive ways. She is always strategizing for ways to increase the effectiveness of the program based on my prior week results.  

I am truly amazed at Ms Arena's attention to detail which I have really benefited from. I have another month to go in the program and will soon go over plans to make sure that I sustain the great results I have achieved so far. I look forward to continuing working with her.  

I have been impressed with the whole office and staff. The wonderful ladies in the front Lisa and Xia are the first point of contact in the office and they are extremely cordial and charming with a very welcoming attitude. I told Dr Lee what am awesome staff she has assembled by the attitude of everyone I met to that point. In fact Dr Joon Lee was one of the last people in the office that I met. I can only go from my personal experience but it is obvious that Dr Joon Lee is committed to finding health solutions for her patients. Whenever possible using the best medical practices she allows the patient to choose their course of treatment whether that be conventional medicine or a holistic approach.  

I highly recommend Ms Arena and her program to anyone struggling with weight issues and also the overall SIM team to address your healthcare in a proactive manner."

Jack P. – Optimal Fitness

"I don’t know where to start other then saying thank you for giving me the tool to lose weight and improve my health forever. I came to the practice weighing 246 lb. and in less then 14 weeks, I’m now down 50 lb. My whole life is changed for the better and I am so excited to have found the team at Scarsdale Integrative Medicine. Dayna, Dr. Lee and the entire staff are so supportive. My weekly check ins with Dayna have proven to be a time I look forward to for advice, education and problem solving strategies throughout this journey. I look forward to continuing my path to health."

 "I started a new job in 2017 and upon receipt of my medical coverage, proceeded to schedule a routine physical examination.  I reviewed the available practitioners under my coverage and selected the closest (walking distance) doctors to my residence.  Little did I know that I was about to embark on a LIFE CHANGING journey!  Firstly, let me say that the practitioners at Scarsdale Integrative Family Medicine (SIFM) are all very friendly, welcoming and most importantly, care-oriented.  Like most people, I don't enjoy going to see a doctor, but SIFM right away made me feel comfortable in their offices.  Secondly, the doctors were able to immediately diagnose a preexisting condition which had been misdiagnosed by other care providers, who were more eager to demonstrate their knowledge than offer solutions.  SIFM offered me options, helped me select a specialist and guided me through the process of scheduling, receiving and recovering from a surgery.  But this was just the beginning!  I trusted SIFM to such an extent that I was agreeable to trying any test or remedy that would improve my health.  It was this trust that created an open-mindedness that led to these life-changing breakthroughs.  In short, through my work with their Director of Medical Weight Loss, Dayna Arena, I was able to adopt a diet program that ultimately led to weight loss of over twenty pounds and reduction of body fat of 50%.  Dayna subsequently referred me to their Director of Functional Movement, Chris Petraglia, who helped me adopt an exercise regimen that enable me to add 5 pounds of muscle and begin to transform my body.  In fact, by following their recommendations, they made it really easy for me to make these physical changes.  Once in better health, I began to perform better in recreational sports and improved in competition and began to work on the mental side of sports, having confidence in my overall health and physical abilities.  Then the magic really started to happen, as I started to perform better, I realized how much of peak performance was mental and I focused on improving my mental focus and outlook.  As my mental outlook improved, my life priorities shifted and I realized that many of the things that I previously worried about were both not so critical, but more importantly, under my control.  Upon SIFM's recommendation, I have begun a meditation practice and have become happier, more confident and more comfortable in my own skin!  I still visit SIFM regularly for checkups and supplies and it feels less like "going to the doctor" and more like visiting family or old friends!  I can wholeheartedly and highly recommend the entire SIFM team and would be happy to share further insights in detail with any interested parties!" 


"I recently celebrated my 49th birthday and with 50 right around the corner I went on the journey to change my health with Dayna. I’ve learned how to take care of myself, how to eat healthy and as a result, enable success through a truly personal, integrated approach to my overall wellbeing. I’m better able to care for my family and am more effective professionally. Take care of yourself and the weight loss will follow…along with more energy, better sleep, a positive attitude, lots of laughter…bring on 50!"


"I've worked with Dayna over the last 16 months, she is very caring, compassionate, supportive extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health & well being. Together, we've worked on an eating program - made tweaks along the way to fit my lifestyle, preferences and break plateaus. Happy to share I've lost nearly 40 pounds, successfully gotten off Cholesterol medication, enhanced the quality of sleep and improved my overall health. I was always given good suggestions & food recommendations - even a mini recipe book. She is quick to return emails and phone calls. Dayna is with you every step of the way."


 "This program saved my life! My outlook on weight is the same as investing, weight loss is a four legged stool. One leg is your diet, one leg is exercise and then the two most important legs – your personal psychology to lose weight (your head) and the balancing of your metabolism. If one of these legs is eliminated the stool becomes unstable and falls. Dayna has given me the tools to build a solid stool. If you care about your health and appearance, you will talk to these outstanding well qualified professionals. After losing 67 pounds in 5 months, and feeling more energetic and 20 years younger I am proof that this program is successful."


"Since finding Dayna and discussing my health issues and lifestyle, I’ve lost 12 lbs in 1 month which never seemed possible during Christmas and the New Year holidays. It is also quite significant since I’m in the food business and work long hours. I’m eating healthier, understanding what healthier foods are such as plant based proteins, lean meat, poultry and as much organic as possible. Green leafy veggies and egg whites, nuts and alkaline water. A lot of fish too! Plenty of options. Dayna’s knowledge and help are invaluable! Thanks so much, I’m feeling so much better."


 "After having a baby and gaining weight during my pregnancy everyone told me the weight will come off quickly and not to worry about it, especially since I was breast feeding... Well fast forward to 10 months later and I was still 45 pounds from my goal weight. I could not lose weight even though I was dieting and exercising as I had done in the past. Something was wrong! I contacted NutriMD and set up a free consultation which was very informative explaining in great detail how this program would work. The proper way to lose weight all began to make so much sense! My first week of being on the program and I lost over 5 pounds right away! I even started to feel better and noticed an improvement in my skin and hair. The diet was very well structured which I needed and Dayna helped create a fool proof plan for me and also provided guidance during the week if I had any questions. Now I'm so close to my goal weight and I feel so much better. I know I'm a much better mommy for my son as I now have tons of energy to chase and keep up with him! I highly recommend this program" 


"My name is Gerry, I have a friend who entered a total lifestyle change that began on his 60th birthday. I noticed he started looking better, he gained strength and muscle, all while becoming leaner. Thankfully, he shared his secret with me. That secret was NutriMD. They advised him step by step on the lifestyle changes needed to be successful. I was so impressed by what I was seeing, that I joined to work with NutriMD myself. I started the program weighing 217lbs, after only a few weeks I got down to 183lbs. They planned my meals, helped me stay on track and took on the role of a coach. The difference of this program is they educate you on how your body works and teach you how to keep the weight off. You complete treatment knowing what to do, how to eat, and how to keep your metabolism running. After joining this program, I never felt hungry when I shouldn’t of, alleviating those cravings I once had. Dayna is on top of her game when it comes to nutrition, ensuring you will lose weight and stay healthy. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle."

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